Lead Climbing

Intro level courses for Sport or Trad Lead Climbing

Learn the essential skills and techniques of lead climbing and be ready for the next level!

There is a lot to consider in the jump from top rope climbing to lead climbing.  We will cover and practice the skills in a progression.  From ground school to Mock Leads (practice with a top-rope belay) , then working up to (optional) first time lead climb on an appropriate level climb.

  • A solid base of top-rope climbing and belay experience is a prerequisite for this course
  • Curriculum will be presented with a balance of instruction and hands-on practice.
Sport lead Shipwreck

Sport Lead Climbing

If you have experience climbing and belaying on top rope indoors or out and ready for the next level, sport lead climbing on bolts is a typical next step in progression.

  • Route selection: using Guidebooks, apps and internet resources.
  • Prepare and rack your gear; personalize your system.
  • Quick-draws and clipping lead rope considerations.
  • Efficient movement for lead climbing
  • Building solid and equalized anchors to cover many situations.
  • Cleaning a sport anchor – lowering or rappelling down safely.
  • Lead belay techniques, using Gri-Gri and tube style device.
  • Rope management considerations for lead climber and belayer.
  • Universal climbing etiquette and awareness of local standards and ethics.

Traditional Lead Climbing

Understand the fundamental techniques and tools of  trad gear placement for lead climbing and anchor building principles for top ropes.

Establish solid judgment through a progression style approach-utilizing “mock-lead” back-up for added safety. 

Trad leading curriculum includes:

  • Building a rack: essential traditional gear. Create your racking system.
  • Placing and removing traditional protection for lead climbing and anchors.
  • Rope drag prevention techniques, extension tools and strategies
  • Route selection, guide book descriptions and terrain assessment.
  • Lead belaying considerations specific to trad climbing
Trad lead

2021 Course Dates

Sport Leading May 28th, June 7th, July 9th, Aug 15th

Courses are $150 per person, a minimum of two people required to run a course

Trad Leading TBD

If the listed dates don’t work with your schedule, all courses can be arranged as a private guiding customized to your needs, on the day you choose.
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Blown Away

“I came from a background of only gym climbing and the guides were AMAZING!!! The amount of knowledge and expertise they bring to the table is incredible.”

Anthony C - Washington