Customized Group Programs

MonkeyFace Moondance timelapsejpgTrust, teamwork, respect, rites of passage, fear, expanding comfort zones, self-confidence. So much can be learned outside of the classroom or workplace.  We recognize that climbing can be a great teaching tool for personal growth, as well as a great activity to foster positive self-confidence and physical health. Chockstone Climbing Guides can customize your climbing day to facilitate your curriculum and program goals into your climbing day at Smith Rock. Our staff is experienced in working with a broad base of experiential learning and therapeutic models. We can design one to three day outings or a progression of outings/activities over time. We can create a course to suit your programs needs and maintain a safe, supportive environment for learning.

BSA: Boy Scouts of America

Let Chockstone Climbing Guides assist your troop in gaining the skills and build confidence on the rocks. Our guides have worked with numerous BSA troops through the years from all over the northwest. We support the merit badge program. We can give the opportunity to introduce, practice and test the skills necessary to fulfill the criteria of the BSA Climbing Merit Badge. For those boys that have mastered the basic skills, we offer more advanced curriculum and challenging climbs. Rates according to number of participants and activities.

Professional Development and Team Building

Share a memorable, fun, bonding experience that you can bring back to the workplace. Rock climbing can be a great activity to stimulate individual challenge and is a great way to analyze and shape how we work together as a team or group. Getting out of the usual workplace can be an insightful tool, offering a new perspective. We can customize your climbing day and facilitate activities that support your companies’ goals and needs. Contact us for rates and reservations

GSA: Girl Scouts of America

Our guides have experience with all female groups. As balance often prevails in Rock climbing, girls often find they have a natural ability. Climbing offers benefits in self-confidence, empowerment and teamwork. We can define the goals and curriculum specific to your groups needs. All climbing equipment is included. Rates set according to number of participants and activities. Contact us for rates and reservations

Outdoor Program Consulting

accredited_programChockstone Climbing Guides offers program consulting to review and structure your program to be aligned with current standards of safety and instruction, and risk management for accreditation applications such as Association for Experiential Education, American Mountain Guides Association or your liability insurance needs or program goals.


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